Results courtesy of NATSOFT Race Timing & Results Archive




Saturday 20th February

Smarter than Smoking
Night Masters Round 1

(short circuit)

Practice:    Quickest
Qualified:   Pole
Race 1:      1st *
Race 2:      3rd (reverse grid)
Race 3:      1st

Overall:  1st

*New IPC Lap Record Set

Saturday 13th March

Smarter than Smoking
Night Masters Round 2

(long circuit)


Qualified:   3rd
Race 1:      DNS
Race 2:      DNS
Race 3:      DNS

Sunday 11th April

Autotrader Trophy

Qualified:   Pole
Race 1:      2nd
Race 2:      2nd (reverse grid)
Race 3:      1st

Overall:   2nd

Sunday 11th July

Race Meeting

Qualified:   11th (wet)
Race 1:      1st
Race 2:      DNF (reverse grid)
Race 3:      1st

Overall:  4th

Sunday 22nd August

Race Meeting

Qualified:   3rd
Race 1:      4th
Race 2:      4th (reverse grid) 
Race 3:      3rd 

Overall:  3rd

Saturday 16th & Sunday
17th October    

IPC Nationals

Qualifying 1:   5th
Qualifying 2:   6th
Combined Q:  6th
Top 10 dash:  4th
Heat 1:            5th
Heat 4:            6th
Heat 6:            10th
Finals:             DNS

Saturday 13th November

Night Meeting

Qualified:      3rd
Race 1:         1st
Race 2:         2nd (reverse grid)
Race 3:         2nd

Overall:   2nd

 2nd Place in the 2010 IPRAWA State Championships