I would like to thank these individuals, without whose help none of this would be possible!
William Wilson (Crew Manager)

Profession:  Logistics Supervisor for HWE

William's dedication to the team is unquestionable. He is there from dawn until dusk organizing equipment, repairing/maintaining the car, collating/analyzing racing data etc.  William also helped to build the car and therefore knows it inside out.  Williams presence at the circuit allows me to focus on driving and not have the added stress of pit duties.

Steve Thomas (Engine Tuner & Race Engineer)

Profession: Engine Dyno Tuner & Mechanical Technician

Steve's racing history is vast; both as a driver and as a race engineer.  His experience allows him to be at the forefront of the latest racing technology.  Without Steve's assistance & knowledge, we would not be in the position we are today.

Jeff Thomas (Fabrication)

Profession:  Mechanical Engineer and Fabricator

Jeff's skills as a Mechanical technician and fabricator are second to none.  All performance items are fitted or fabricated by Jeff.  His workmanship must be of the highest standard to withstand the rigours of competitive motorsport.

Sean Hutcheon
Profession:  Production Support Coordinator, Joest

Sean's assistance is greatly appreciated both at the track and after hours.  His skills and knowledge of engine electronics is very helpful during emergency situations at the track.

Also, a BIG thank you to all the family & friends who support us by regularly coming to the track to watch!

The Gang