The IPRA Racing Category

Improved Production Racing Australia (IPRA) is a class of circuit racing that includes vehicles defined as 'commercially available touring cars' and are allowed a reasonable level of modification to allow both the racer, and the designer, room to create an exciting form of race car. Competitors use vehicles that have been mass produced and are available to the public in Australia. Spectators can identify the cars on the track with those in the car park. It is the only class where you will see fours, sixes, eights, turbo's, rotary's, old cars and new racing together.

Improved Production car racing is divided up into two major categories. The "Overs" (over 2000cc) and the "Unders" (under 2000cc). Cars competing in the "overs" category range from V8 Commodores, Falcons, WRX STIs and EVO Turbos to early model Mazda rotarys. While the "unders" class cars range from Toyota Celicas and Ford Escorts to late model Honda Civics, Integras and Mitsubishi Mirages, all providing a great mix of different cars with different levels of development and technologies which makes for exciting racing in both categories.

IPRA is one of fastest growing categories of circuit racing in Australia and generates a lot of attention during the race meeting as the racing is very exciting and the cars very diverse.