CAMS category 3D (Sports Sedans) is one of the least restrictive classes to compete in.  Although there are still restrictions, there are many freedoms.

Some of the modifications are:

  • Mazda 13B Turbo
  • Bridgeport, Dowled
  • Haltech PS2000 Logger ECU
  • Racing apex seals
  • Garrett TO4Z Turbo with Turbosmart external gate
  • Custom made exhaust manifold + 4" exhaust
  • 4 x 2200cc injectors
  • E85 Racing Fuel

+ Many other racing modifications = 580bhp@ 8000RPM

  • Bilstein adjustable coil over suspension
  • 375mm x 36mm V8 Supercar front full floating rotors with 8 piston Brembo Monoblock calipers
  • 343mm x 32mm V8 Supercar rear rotors with 4 piston Alcon calipers and adjustable pedal box
  • Fully welded roll cage with Vello racing seat and harnesses
  • Dunlop Slick racing tyres 280/655/18 on 10" rims

+ Much more including a fully seam welded body